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Lunch Programs

For those attending remotely, Zoom dial-in directions will not be posted here. Attendees and instructors will receive an email prior to the event.

Monday, July 11 - 12:15pm Central
“The Data Age is Here: Are You Ready?”

A quarter-century of digital transformation has gotten us here: to the advent of the data age. From the introduction of email through to broadband, WiFi, cloud storage, SaaS and big data analytics, the pieces have been moving into place, and there is no sign of slowing down. Splunk Academic Alliances wants to equip your students with skills that will launch their careers in cybersecurity, IT operations, AI and more. Come join us as we discus the data age and demonstrate how you and your students can use Splunk to turn data into doing.

Chris Visaya is Senior Manager, Education Delivery for Splunk. He leads one of the technical instructor teams at Splunk, where he strives to ensure delivery of the most impactful & hands on experience for our students. He has recorded dozens of online e-learning videos for Splunk, garnering over 10 million views. Whether in-person, online, or via recorded video, Chris is enthusiastic about enabling people to get the most meaningful insights out of their data.

Tuesday, July 12 - 12:15pm Central
“Intro to Containers with Examples from Technical Training”

Containers started out as a way to efficiently package and run applications. Their use has grown and are now used for building artifacts, runtime, and other uses. This short talk will go over the principles of containers and demo a real world use of them to build and run lab instructions for technical training material used on the KubeAcademy site.

Ryan Schneider is a lead technical trainer at VMware in the cloud native business. He has a passion for architecture and building great systems and is excited about the cloud native movement that the Kubernetes community is driving.

Wednesday, July 13 - 12:20pm Central
“An Intro To CompTIA’s Data+ Certification”

Alan Rowland is Director of US Academic Programs for CompTIA.

Thursday, July 14 - 12:20pm Central
“Working Connections - Journey thru the lens of Data Visualization and Analytics - 2002-2022”

Dr. Rajiv Malkan is a Professor in the Computer and Information Technology Department of Lone Star College – Montgomery in Houston, TX, where he teaches a variety of courses including Business Computer Applications, Programming Languages and Business and Management. Rajiv has over 30 years of leadership contributions in higher education within multiple settings. He has engaged in leadership roles including Founding Dean, Division Chair in transforming education. Rajiv's academic credentials include two master's degrees, a doctorate in Higher Education Leadership, and he was the recipient of the prestigious Kellogg Fellowship in Leadership Development.

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