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Teaching Computer Information Systems with the Raspberry Pi and Arduino


This is an IN-PERSON track on the Collin College campus


In this hands-on workshop we will explore how to use the low-cost Raspberry Pi/Arduino to teach Computer Information Systems concepts. Using the Raspberry Pi/Arduino, various Linux utilities and Python Programming we will build all the necessary services for a functional SOHO network. Services will include DNS, DHCP, Wireless Access Point, Firewall, Ad-Blocker, File and Print services, cyber-security tools, etc. Additionally, we will explore introductory Internet of Things projects to help build student confidence and understanding of basic electrical systems and programming of scripts. Workshop participants will gain the skills, tools, and confidence to use the Raspberry Pi and/or Arduino in their classrooms immediately to teach CIS concepts. Links to resources used in the class and hundreds more will be included in the course related materials and website.


None. A rudimentary understanding of Linux, simple Python Programming, and general computer usage are helpful, but not required.


None. Materials will be provided during the class, and some will be available prior to the start of the course.



My name is Kerry A. Bruce. I have owned and worked with computers/networks since 1982, starting with the Commodore VIC-20 & Commodore 64. I worked in the IT Industry for 25+ years in system administration and networking spending time with small businesses, Citibank, Sandia National Labs, and finally owning an IT consulting firm for 11 years. I have been a community college instructor for the past 10 years where I teach CompTIA A+, Network+, Security+, and Cloud+, Microsoft Server, Cisco Networking, and IoT/Robotics courses at Central New Mexico Community College in Albuquerque, NM. From an IoT standpoint, I have been using the Raspberry Pi in my classroom since the Raspberry Pi Model B in 2012. I am a Raspberry Pi Certified Educator, have conducted over 2 dozen Raspberry Pi related workshops for teachers and instructors, have taught an Internet of Things course at CNM for the past 5 years, and I am the faculty sponsor/mentor for the CNM student group HackerSpace and the CNM Robotics Team that uses a student designed and built Raspberry Pi based robot that competes in PiWars in Cambridge, UK each spring… pre-COVID.

Course Objectives

At the completion of this track, the participants will be able to…

  • Demonstrate successful installation, configuration, and interaction with a Raspberry Pi
  • Complete simple circuits and sketches on an Arduino
  • Build simple network devices like a Wireless Access point, DHCP Server, and DNS Server out of a Raspberry Pi.
  • Understand how to utilize the Raspberry Pi and Arduino in CIS courses to enhance student learning.


Click here for the program schedule and times.

Day 1 - Monday July 11

  • Introductions - Instructor and Participants
  • What is a Raspberry Pi? And an Arduino?
  • Workshop Overview
  • Lab Setup – Installation and Configuration of the Raspberry Pi OS
  • Raspberry Pi OS Exploration

Day 2 - Tuesday July 12

  • Arduino Playtime – Physical Computing with Arduino
  • Raspberry Pi Playtime – Physical Computing with the Raspberry Pi

Day 3 - Wednesday July 13

  • Raspberry Pi Internet of Things Projects

Day 4 - Thursday July 14

  • Raspberry Pi Networking Projects

Day 5 - Friday July 15

  • Wrap Up, Finish What We Started, Maybe play with Robots?

NOTE: Labs may change based upon changes in the industry, and constantly updating models and languages.

Please note that content is subject to change or modification based on the unique needs of the track participants in attendance.

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